Thursday, August 20, 2009

its a time to cherish!

its been a long time since the last time i wrote an.
but once i got this golden opportunity, of course i dont wanna miss any moment!
haha.. here are some event i would like to share with the blog world!

1. i got fractures on my nose
2. went through my first 4 papers on the trial exam
3. i broke my promise!
4. im having fun with tom!

nk di story kan sesatu mmg pnjg..tp sbb mls n mase x mengizinkan sgt,tulis sinopsis jela.. yg laen tggu dlu!



asshole! on the 6th aug 2009, as ussual i played a game called sofball with the team. in a sudden of time as im targetting the ball would go right into the glove, it flew directly to my nose! demit! my nose was bleeding like crazy! bear n eya da gelabah gile. aku yg saket ni ble tau je darah mengalir, dlm kesakitan aku lari p surau basuh sgale darah yg kluar! saket nye tuhan je yg tau! adoh.. i still can laugh bout it but those girls were so paranoid that the same thing happened to MAZNI would happen to me! ahaha. i went to the clinic the doc advice for an x ray, so i went to the hospital that night did my xray and guess what? i got fractures on my nose! woohoo!

broken nose Pictures, Images and Photos


bahasa, english,history, modern maths
done it all!!
hope it brings good results!

St Georges College, Den School Days Pictures, Images and Photos


i broke my promise to stay offline till spm!
ahaha this is my last time!
bye ill be away till its time!


today i went for a kareoke session with my tom!
we had such good time and we sream like hell!
woohoo! its a moment to remember babe!
cool huh! unfortunately i didn't have tom's pic.
kalo takk. da lame aku ltak!
btw tom is a girl tapi x bermakne aku lesbo!
aku kapel je ngan tom. tapi mencari boyfriend! ahaha
sape ade kawan tuh passing passing la.
haha kidding je.. im not that cheap!

thats it!
my moments of the times im not around this blogging world!
so long folks! see ya the next time im attached to the computer again!

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