Monday, September 14, 2009

trial ke raye?

long time since the last time kann!
eheh.. as i said gat the chance.. seize it lahh
ehe so today wasn't a great day for me even it is for some people. for example, the commerce students finish their trial. tapi sebenarnye aku abesh trial dlu! last wed da abesh da.. hehe..
raye? x rase mcm nk raye pun.. cuz tah la.. nk exam koot!
plus dpt paper yg result nye tade la hebat sgt!
example, paper LK igt dpt A1 la tp dpt A2 je.. tape lahh. sdey siot!
tapi tape exam btol aku wat lg.. bnyk kann latihan kann!
ahahaha.. so dats it dor raye and trial folks!

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