Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Malaysian Flying Academy!

its been long!

*baru perasan yg every entry aku ade ayt ni.

my trial result aren't so great.
yess im not satisfied!
how on earth im gonna get great jobs without flying colours result!
malu ah nak gtaw..
terok lah tuh!

dialog between me and my aunty when she came to pick my report card;

aunty: im expecting a better result from you.
me : aaah. sorry. its quite tough.
aunty: im sure you can do better in the real exam right?
me : yeah i'll try to do my best (unwilling smile)
aunty: (scrolling down my results) what? you got b for your english?
me : seems like so.
aunty: i expect you to get a for this subject.
me : i tried. but its not easy to obtain good marks with mdm Lee. she's a marker.
aunty: dont blame the teacher. hhmm. its oklah.. try your best next time.
me : ok i'll try.

im so depressed with her words.
but at the same time hse blew the enthusiasment in me.
later after the conversation i went to the back of the class trying to get rid of the sharp painful needle by havung some light chat with muss, amer nabel, haris, and others who are still in the class. haaahh. im sort of guilty when i thought of my future and my results.
aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! rase nk jeriiitt!!

the next day, my aunty went out with my uncle taking me along and dropped me at the bus stand. im taking bus to kl! damn i missed my mum!
in the car, we had anither odd conversation as my other aunty was there too.
here are the chat;

aunty: athira. hows your trial result?
tira: byase la.. mcm tu je..
aunty: brape a?
tira: ade la 4.
aunty: 4 je? bising la mak kau nannti.
tira: da tau da.
aunty: haha da tau pun. ape yg a?
tira: bm, maths, engineering subjects. bolt ED and MES.
aunty: ouh.
uncle: which are you strength? arts subjects or science?
tira: huh?
uncle: arts or science?
tira: mane ade arts.
uncle: no arts subject?
aunty: history and all la dear.
tira: err.. science maybe..

the car was quiet after that..

my ambition was to be a pilot.
so i think about the place i wanted to further my studies after spm.
i wat thinking of matrix or Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia(UPNM) of maybe
Malaysian Flying Academy(MFA)
i already submit my application to matrix. and im not hoping!
UPNM im still discussing with my mum.
and MFA?
i already put up my application for that academy.
i know its hard but worth my future!

hera are some pictures captured during class..

kantoi seyh! tdo lam klass! tp pastu atleast aku bangun blk!

school life:class:captured by haris

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