Monday, November 30, 2009

histories are memories..

people are trapped in history and history is trapped in them
james baldwin-notes of a native son

i just love this quotes which i found in my teacher's album somewhere somehow.
it kinda reminds me of everything i went through, back sometime during my time at SMT Sepang.
i really miss us back there.
its a place where i did my best trouble ever!
its a place where i turn out to be someone who actually thinks forward.
its a place where i found those who will support me back and forth in life.
its a place where i know what friendship really is.
its a place where i never have to be another person in order to be accepted.
its a place where i lock the memories deep down in the deepest chamber in my heart.
its a place where i learn to keep my promises.
its the time when i know how to say my apology for all my wrong doings.
im sorry people, life must go on and i hoped i made the right choice.
those who are with me during that moment in SMTS, i want you to know, that you are always in my heart no matter where God send us to because you give me hopes, you give me chance, you give me someone to hold someone to touch and someone to lend a shoulder every time i cried..

three cheers for history!!

sir shah!

fareesha- the classmate
the trios- sir shah,alex and unknown

the 2009 spm candidates
alex-the forever friend
mechanical-the best
muwiz-the guy
teraa and yunaa-the besties
teraa and yunaa-the besties
the team-KAT 2008
emuff-the used to be an admirer
hafiz-the brother
the debate-the team
syirin, muwiz, hafiz, tera- the siblings

syirin- the sister
tera, bie, rin-the what?
km1(2008)-the class
meor-the hott
acap- the cutest
syazrin-the senior
anne-the friend

for those who are pictures are not here, im sorry cant find your pics. but i will pu it up someday..
its a promise..

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