Friday, June 25, 2010

just some

hey. long since the last ayte. haha.
for some reason i dont feel right at the moment.
everything seems to be sooooo not-right.
i miss my mom, my brother.
im facing my tests next week.
i done my assignments last minute.
*lucky to pass it up on time.
i kinda did not finish my homework.
i went out almost every night.
im being selfish most of the time.
i hate people around me for some reason at sometime.

well, maybe its just the syndrome of having too much freedom or maybe just that i like it that way. in a way im dissapointed with myself. i mean i should be doing my laundry now but yet im typing this entry. what thaaaa??..

or, maybe its just that
i miss someone that i miss.
that someone who always talk to me in away that i would listen.

maybe, its just maybe.
i kinda need someone to talk to. someone who will listen.
someone who knows me well.

ntahla. i pun tak tau whats happening to me.
Dear God, please send me an angel.

ok maybe ada kawan yang willing to listen. tapi kalau aku kata aku nak kau juga yang dengar macam mana? aku tahu kau tahu aku siapa. kau suka aku cakap dengan kau. tapi aku tak tahu bila kau akan start cakap dengan aku secara serious. aku suka kau sebab kau berjaya buat aku gelak gila gila.
*most of the time aku gelak sendiri bila terfikir pasal tu. wakakakaka. dah lah

i hope im stronger with time. well its just a beginning kan.
more to find in my journey to come..
guess better off doing my laundry.

dear, i'll be waiting. just come anytime you want.
knock the door and dont be shame to step in and explore by yourself.
ok guess enough with the craps. daaa~
eh kali ni takda gambar kan. ok lah ni pun boleh kan?

*haaa ini aku mencuri cake loosen that day. it was fun yet aku nampak selekeh gilaaaa.
pic ni buruk sangaaat. tapi kau peduli apa kan?


  1. few weeks without the facee and utp has turn into a circus. woot. haha. j/k.
    have fun, just dont regret later :)

  2. well that is why were doing so. not to regret for not chereishing the moments with NO SENIORS..