Friday, June 04, 2010

oh look!

today is 1 hell fishy day.

i dont know why im kinda frustrated with everything that happened between me and him.

for some second i felt like hey-dude-just-buzz-off-would-you-mind feeling.

and for another second i had this feeling that says dear-i-want-you-so-badly.

wut? memang macam rasa nak hantuk kepala kat dinding lah kan.

idk, he kinda put me aside for some reason. i know he is busy

but cant he just find sometime for me.

i mean im not hoping that he will call me 24/7.

just some 2 minutes on the phone to say good night or something.

seriously im not here to bother him or what. its just that please... dont just kick me outa his world just like that urrgghh.

all i need is like someone to talk to. someone i can call for help. or any advise. or whatever.

aaaarrrggghh. he ask me what did i want from him actually.

what am i suppose to say? i want you? huh!

cant he just think for himself! aaarrrggghh. he should know me better!

still Breaking Benjamin - Breath

*just an expression

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