Thursday, July 22, 2010


its my birthday!
oh well.. it takes some time to actually collect all the photo of my birthday
because it was captured by various cameras by various people..
btw, i just want to thank all of you who are involve in making my day super great!!
yeah, its a long birthday. with all the previllege given by maxis to let me call anyone i want.
reaching all the far far away friends, exs *haha..
here is some pictures that i manage to compile from various source

firstly, at 12 AM of 22072010, they surprise me with a cute and super nice cake. its a real surprise.. they. were. super. nice.

and ada orang bagi hadiah bear yang comel ni!!
and then for lunch.. thanks to fariz ashraf who make it real for treating me lunch! pizza!!

look how much he spent for a lunch! payment made by card.

look this is what i had with faris al-kuy during precalculus lecture that evening.
izzat burhan was involve..

haha. meet mukhriz.. he my twin brother!! we were born on the same date. he got WHITE, and i escaped...
finally, i would say it was a great day for me.. banyak lagi yang jadi. tapi tak ingat and maybe its just better for me to keep it to myself.. its just too precious to share.
may God bless me.

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