Thursday, September 23, 2010

looking up to

hello, may all of you in peace.

well today its just that i wanna share my thoughts about this lady i've known for long through her writings and through her poetry. she's great, the way she thinks the way she potrays her thoughts.
she say it outloud. regardless of what other people thinks. yea, she's awesome in her own way.

she is, fynn jamal. of course you people know her kan. she has been participating in most of poetry events. yeah she poet all the way. sometimes when i listens to her poems, its just runs the adrenaline out of me. i like her a lot. soulful lady with thoughtful mind.

she do love poems. she do poems that twist you mind to think about it. huff. ok i guess that's all folks. im gonna leave you with one of my favorite.

*fynn jamal - satu hari nanti.

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