Wednesday, September 22, 2010

yes i do.

look on the other side, you'll see.
how painful it is, how it hurts me so bad.
how much i don't want to do this.
you will see dear. just be silent and listen.
i scream in my silence. you'll never hear it when you laugh.
because it's my job to make you laugh
to let you stay in the condition that i like to stare
when you're not looking.

im sorry for being so pathetic.
im sorry for being so annoying.
im sorry for not being her.
im sorry for being imperfect.

to think about it is sinful.
not to think about it is killing.

you knock so hard while i was sleeping.
you know i would not open it for strangers.
you light up lavender candles at the door.
you know i will always attracted to it.
you did so much to drag me to the door.
i opened the door and let you in.
you walked in with pride.
you leave with my pain.
hope you will come again.
but not in the mean time.
i want to be alone.
just watch me from far.
will you?

when the time comes.
i would say 'yes, i do' :)

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