Thursday, October 21, 2010

how do i say this...

new colour for my blog yah. it looks more vibrant ayte.
i know. im not good at posting nice entries.
but its up to you weather or not to read kann. du-uh.

okok. act i want to update this blog so badly.
but.... nothing come accross my mind at that partcular moment.
ceh. i feel so retarded nowadays.
i tend to do some weird stuffs lah. i hardly figure out where those ideas come from.
har har. okeh, im hungry.

im stucked in my room for the next few days. due to the nothing-to-do-business.
wokeh, today, at 3pm, im about to do something that others said : are you out of your mind!?

ehehehe. im going to swim at the swimming pool at 3pm. yess, 3pm.
im about to get tanned peeps. dont be surprise. mwahahahaaa.

ok im off, bye.

*i never need you for judgement

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