Friday, October 22, 2010

talking laptop.

this post i must credit it to a blogger i followed kumbang who credited her post to someone else.
okok this thing is sooo cool that makes me keep on experimenting on it like errr... say 10 times?
this is actually a way of commanding your laptop to speak! wow. cool isn't it. hihi.

unbelieveable for someone like me, who aren't that good in gadgets. hahahaaaa.
OMG! this is exciting!!!
huhu.. calm baby calm..
ok here is the steps, follow carefully:

1. open your notepad. type the following : CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I love YOU"

2. save it as "love u.vbs" as "ALL TYPE" file. save in the desktop for easy spot.
*the file extension is important.

3. close your notepad. click the file on your desktop and listen to your laptop. you can hear a voice saying "i love you!"

as for me i gave a name to my laptop. its "ANGEL". yes, she is my angel. she take me to various movies, help me with my homeworks. let me contact the others through her. awww, how sweet.

well, actually the purpose of this thing is to determine the gender of your laptop. yea, thats what KUMBANG stated in her post.

oh well, try it! have fun. love your laptop. don't hurt him or her. :)

*i pushed you away, but you are the only thing i know.

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