Saturday, November 06, 2010

we gain something, we loose something

first, this is going to be a very long entry. but worth reading.

ok today, there are two things i would like to share. some of the important event in my life. both are the first timer in my life. there are good thing and bad thing about the scene.

ok first, let me tell you the good thing. it'll at least ease me off.

today, me and my classmates went to asrama anak yatim Nurul Ehsan for our Down To Earth project. im in the IT & Media department which dont really needs me to go into the kids to much. so, it was kinda boring at first. although i have set my mind to do stuffs as sincere as i can by putting myself in their shoe. its hard. i know. i wonder how they just not think about it, and still play around with everyone else. being nice. and yeah, they were kinda annoying at first because they just like to explore everything that i mine. from my pencil case up to my bag (ihatepeopleopeningmybag!). but then i start thinking, these kids are lack of parents love. they never get to have what i have. so i let go.

how do you feel when you have no parents to be hug. to tell you stories. to see others walking with their parents where you have none? it hurts like a knife ok.

a friend of mine, he told his story to the kids, about how he himself lost hi father. its tear-trigger-ing man! because me myself do have a father but...... i dont feel like i have a father at some point.
i don't want to talk more about it. because after all he's my father ayte.

the kids were dragging with us all the time. being near to us, hugging us, holding our hands. (homaigod, tears are about to come out!!! T.T) they just love to linger around us. they area lack of love as i said. so whenever anyone come to them, they will cherish them to the max.

ok here's some pictures. i hope they're doing well.

i didn't want to put up much photos because there are tones of them. we got loadz of cameras. too much of pictures of the same thing. its just booring.

so, as i am typing this, my mind is thinking about what would happen if they still have their mum and dad, but, God have fated them like what they are now. there's always silver lining behind everything. may God bless you kids!

now, it comes to the hard part. the bad thing. oh im just going to be straight.

i've lost one of my friend. Ahmed Ali. one of the greatest UTP debaters. he was nice. good looking. high leadership skills. always know how to cheer peeps up. very responsible.

he met with a car accident at Batu Gajah. its unbeliveable because i just saw him few days back.
this morning. i received a text message from Bao. at first i thought its a prank! but it was real. i have really lost a friend. it hurts thinking that things that you see everyday, vanish in a BLINK. yes until im writting this, im still imagining him walking at the cafe in one piece. but he's gone. God loves him more. RIP buddy.



  1. DTE. one of the memorable moment of foundation :) thousand of photos but not all are memorable. al fatihah to ur friend to :|

  2. al-Fatihah..

    anyway..same goes to me in foundation..
    one of my coursemate passed away ..
    heart attack while playing in front of propana...

    -org RTM-