Wednesday, December 01, 2010

wish i have stuffs to write about.

since im VERY SUPER SANGAT VERY THE BUSY nowadays, with limitless assignments, tests, presentations and others.... i cant really spend my time much on blogspot anymore. this needs me to stare the computer's screen for some long time so that i can produce i-know-its-not-that-good piece or at least readable lah kan. i have a friend who do blog too, she writes most of the time, but all of her posts are boring!!! its just some personal life that got nothing to do with readers. ok fine its my fault for following her at first because she's my friend and i read her poem which i thought she will continue to publish some nice poems. unfortunately she didn't. its just some stories of her breaking up with her boyfriend and all that she feel along the way.

babe, get over him!

boring!!!! hahaha. okok. i like bloggers like ash barker, aizuddin and ayie who have the so called the-very-readable blogs. intresting and pack of sense of humor maybe, some nice photos and atleast cool activity that they do. ATLEAST lah kan. ish.

okok dah. back to me being busy, with those stuffs, it kinda stops me from typing craps here. i had a lot of ideas act to write but never had the chance yet. HA-HA. boohoo.

so here, my new addiction, my new facebook kot, my faster way of blogging.. i present you!!

i know.. cantik kan? heheh. its just fast and very abstract. you can just blog what you want by clicking reblog! easy! heheh. im trying so hard to write more in blogspot. ok maybe after all my assignments are done and safe and sound be in my lecturer's trunk. yeah! i'll write back!

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