Thursday, December 30, 2010

you're not alone,

and you will never be alone.
*jangan fikir ini propaganda liverpool ok. ;p

because, no matter how low you go,
there will be someone who will always catch your hand.
most of all, God, He'll always be with us if we remember Him.

don't be sad with what you are.
some people might be looking at you like you're a one kind of shit.
some might say you're no good at all.
but remember, you're always someone's reason to smile.
someone's world no matter who they are.

jangan macam ni. jangan sedih sedih. dunia perlukan orang yang gembira.
baru harmoni. dunia dihiasi senyuman. kan indah.
peduli apa mulut orang. memang tak boleh tutup.
bukan kuasa kita pun nak tentukan apa yang patut dan apa yang tidak patut terjadi.
yang buruk ambil jadi pengajaran. jangan jadikan halangan.

there's always room for improvement.
we never knew what may come.
if we never try. take the chance.
lead your soul. fly up high. see the world in different perspective.
you'll see the beauty.

love your self. no one knows you better than yourself. :)

~percaya je lah karutan ini.
peace. v(-_-)

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