Thursday, March 03, 2011

smoking girls are no cool!

just now, i saw few girls hanging out with 'boys' they were in ' ' because these guys are not officially literally guys. they are male technically, but literally, NO.

so these girl i saw, seems like they are the guys among the GUYS. get it get it? the guys wants to be like girls, but the girls wanna be like guys. by SMOKING! buruk lah weyh!

Most women know that smoking can cause lung cancer, heart disease and premature death. But what you may not know is that women, regardless of their age, can be harmed by smoking in so many other ways.

lol. ok many ways as in many ways lah!

  • Smoking can wreak havoc on a woman's appearance, causing a sallow complexion and premature ageing, as well as having effects on sexual health contributing to infertility, early menopause, and osteoporosis.
  • Women who carry on smoking during pregnancy endanger not only themselves, but their babies too. Mothers who smoke around their children also put their kids' health at risk.
  • lungs being in high risk to get cancer.
  • liver trouble. (kinda makes you heartless)
  • since second smoker have higher risk to die, you area also killing.
  • you will look ugly
  • you will look ugly
  • you will look ugly

so don't smoke babe, tak baik untuk kesihatan kehidupan kau sangat terganggu lah weyh. buruk, padah banyak. dan segala lah.



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  2. osteoporosis lah pulak.. great ah tu.