Monday, December 19, 2011


i quote lilo and stich "ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind"

a perfect definition to describe my TTS family. honestly i never felt like this since i get involve with TTS. well maybe it is because im just a technical crew and have not spent time as much as the actors did. but im a person with commitment. by that i mean, that, if you let me involve in anything ask me to do tasks, i'll do it to my very best. i know why i was there, i know why i was asked to do such things. so i will give my heart to what im doing.

so hey, its a no wonder they say im garang when i lead. haha

ok back to the topic ohana.

as i was saying, TTS is like my second family. i have father (eventho in real life its like i've lost my father) haha. i have my very own version of brothers and sisters. im blessed with such people around me. yes we might have some disagreements but still, we know we love each other. and we know our bonds are strong. and no matter how harsh we tease each other, we know, at heart, we are still one.

but above all, the sense of working in a team, that makes everything else are useless. no matter how busy one are, when you think, that 'this is a teamwork' you'll come to a point where you take things as responsibility. but nevermind, each and everyone of us, God made us different. so maybe that is why there are some who don't give up their time to commit. whatever.

so my heart has fall deeply for this family, and i would love to be home again. and by home i mean, being together again by any mean.

so here's to all, i love you, i love us, im gonna miss us. cuz every song i heard is our songs. cz everytime theres a lyric that will remind me to all of you.

i wish you all the best upon leaving soon and may God bless you. how i wish to see you guys again. some other time. good luck. and don't forget us. you gave us a lot of memories, and things we can't forget and thankyou for accepting us the newbies into the family. and thankyou so much for being our brothers and sisters. i wish you well. so long and good luck.

some of us

the epic and legendary table


le ladies



may Allah strengthen our bond.

footnote: i sorry for those i sacrifice during the period with my family here.

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