Tuesday, August 28, 2012


long time no see eh.

i almost totally forgot about this site like for real. as i have more interesting and easier ways to express things. evetho i do think to write of something long and meaningful, but then i think again, who would notice me posting it? so why crowd the online world with my problems? not like they're gonna solve it. why say things people don't want to hear?

oh well, i sort of write here today now is because someone asks me my tumblr link and my blog link. and i thought 'there's nothing on my blog anymore why visit?' but i just gave it because it simply means, that person know i convey my thoughts on writings not words. yes, i write. i even have a journal here and there. whenever i feel like there's nowhere else i can go to let o of whatever in my head, i'll write. even when i want to ask something from my mother, and if im tooo afraid to tell her, i'll write her a letter. like seriously. sweet ay?

anyway, my point is that, don't keep things to yourself. open up. even if there's nobody wants to hear you out. Allah is there. to me when i write things, even if i throw it out sometimes, Allah reads it. so you're not crazy. you're not a freak who leaves random note laying around your room with writings of how or what you feel. its just a way to express.

ok then i guess i should wake someone for sahur. he wants to puasa enam. hehe.

Assalamualaikum! *macam first time je bagi salam kat blog. :)

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