Saturday, September 22, 2012

feels like doing this again.

i think this should be done more often. i mean, it would be cool to see how much things change. and use this as a yardstick to see where we are and what we've achieve.

1. What do you all play difikiran now?
scarecrow adam - disagree

2. What is the nickname you all?
still tera or weng.  but trex is still cool. uh, someone calls me mok.

3.people who you all love?
Allah. ibu, adik. kimiF

4. Calls to the him?
mok, xmen, sometime cooler kimi raikonnen

5. Gifts that you all dream of that special someone.
err, cornetto and package bunga kertas ok?

6. Blog where you all like to visit?
lets change this to places i'd like to visit.
vatican city. venice. crete island. 

well, all of the answers have change. thanks to time. hee.

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